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BPS Special Constables deployed in downtown Brantford

Brantford Police ServiceBPS Special Constables deployed in downtown Brantford

Brantford Police Service (BPS) Special Constables are now on patrol in the city’s Downtown Core.

“I am extremely happy to introduce the BPS Special Constables to the citizens and business community of Brantford,” Chief Rob Davis said in a media release. “The implementation of a long-term plan with a stratified approach to public safety is a vital component to address complex social issues and improve the overall safety of our community. The BPS Special Constables are a key element of this.”

Sworn in on Monday, August 22, eight BPS Special Constables have been deployed with a focus on the City’s Downtown Core as their primary patrol area but, may also be utilized in other areas of the city to deal with specific incidents or concerns as required.

The BPS works to assess and allocate resources in the most effective manner possible and is dedicated to supporting the community to address and prevent crime.

BPS Special Constables are a way to provide an appropriate response to many of the issues experienced in the Downtown core and are a proactive element of the stratified approach to crime prevention.

A stratified approach to public safety is a method to combat and prevent crime which has been used extensively in many other jurisdictions. Involvement of organized community groups, private security, proactive Bylaw enforcement, Special Constables, and regular Police Officers ensure a full-spectrum approach to public safety and provide benefit to the overall community.

The BPS Special Constables have authorities to address many offences and unwanted behaviour related offences as they are designated under the following Acts:
•Criminal Code of Canada
•Trespass to Property Act of Ontario
•Liquor Licence and Control Act of Ontario
•Safe Streets Act of Ontario
•Mental Health Act of Ontario
•Cannabis Control Act of Ontario

Community safety and well-being is a shared responsibility. The Brantford Police Service continues to collaborate with valued community partners and stakeholders to develop and implement immediate and long-term strategies that will help enhance safety for everyone in the community.

Read more about the BPS’s approach in our profile article with Chief Rob Davis from earlier this summer.

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