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SC Johnson makes $140,000 donation to BCHS

Brant Community Healthcare SystemSC Johnson makes $140,000 donation to BCHS

SC Johnson donated $140,000 to the Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) to help purchase new mammography technology for the SC Johnson Departments of Medical Imaging and Diagnostics.

SC Johnson’s transformative giving allowed the BCHS to bring the first Digital Mammography units to our hospital in 2012. As these units approach end of life and replacement parts become scarce, BCHS has identified the need to replace this technology.

Mammography is the most valuable tool radiologists rely on to diagnose breast cancer and to follow the progression and treatment of the disease in patients. This specialized x-ray is used to produce detailed images of the breast. Breast tomosynthesis is an advanced form of mammographic imaging that allows for creation of 3 dimensional images of the breasts, proven to improve the ability of mammography to diagnose cancer in certain types of breast tissue. Contrast enhanced mammography is an additional tool to aid in diagnosis of breast cancer. The new equipment at the BCHS will have both breast tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced mammographic capabilities.

“Digital mammography, with the capability for breast tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced mammography will allow us to best support breast cancer care at BCHS,” explained Dr. Angela Fleming, Chief and Medical Director, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Brant Community Healthcare System. “This investment from SC Johnson will greatly increase our ability to provide our patients with exemplary care”.

SC Johnson’s most recent investment in the BCHS puts their total cumulative giving to the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation at just over $4.8 million. This makes them one of the largest donors to the BCHS Foundation as they continue to ensure that our community has a strong local healthcare system.

“We are incredibly grateful to SC Johnson for their ongoing commitment as they continue to support us as we re-imagine healthcare in our community,” said Lee Ferrao, Chair, BCHS Foundation. “SC Johnson has been an outstanding corporate citizen in Brantford over the years and this investment is just one more example of how they support our community”.

Over the past several decades, SC Johnson’s leadership and commitment has helped BCHS to not only maintain, but become a leading-edge large community hospital to serve Brantford, Brant, Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

To commemorate and celebrate SC Johnson’s cumulative giving the Medical Imaging and Cardiac Diagnostic Department has been named in their honour.

Benefits of Digital Mammography with breast tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced mammography options:

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Faster image acquisition
  • Improved contrast between dense and non-dense breast tissue
  • Ability to correct under or over-exposure of images without having to repeat mammograms
  • Reduction in the need for follow up visits
  • Decrease in unnecessary biopsies
  • Physicians can manipulate breast images for more accurate detection of breast cancer.

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