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Pedestrian crossover installed on Brantwood Park Road

City of BrantfordPedestrian crossover installed on Brantwood Park Road

A new pedestrian crossover location has been installed at the intersection of Brantwood Park Road and Sympatica Crescent, near Lynden Hills Park.

Motorists are very strongly encouraged to watch for new pedestrian crossovers that are designated by regulatory “stop for pedestrian” signs on area roads. All motorists, including cyclists, must stop and yield the right-of-way to pedestrians wishing to cross the road, and wait for them to cross the full width of the road. Motorists are reminded to remain patient while others yield to pedestrians, as drivers cannot pass stopped vehicles on their approach to a pedestrian crossover. Pedestrians are reminded that they must be sure that traffic has come to a complete stop before proceeding to cross the roadway.

Motorists and cyclists can be fined up to $500 and 3 demerit points for failing to yield to pedestrians at pedestrian crossovers. Pedestrians can be fined $35 for moving into the path of a vehicle that is so close that it is impossible for the motorist to stop safely.

It is the responsibility of both motorists and pedestrians to understand and follow the rules of the road. Visit brantford.ca/Crossoversfor more information on how to safely use pedestrian crossovers.

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