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County to provide electronic whistles for crossing guards

County of BrantCounty to provide electronic whistles for crossing guards

The County of Brant is enhancing safety at all school crosswalks where crossing guards are stationed.

Effective Tuesday February 22, 2022, all crossing guards will be equipped with electronic whistles which are designed to be louder than the sound of traffic at the push of a button.

The guards will first sound the whistle with one long blast when they determine it is safe to enter the crosswalk, alerting motorists they are stepping out into the crosswalk. They will then sound two short whistle blasts indicating that pedestrians may cross the street.

Staff brought in the whistles to provide audible control and to enhance overall safety at our school crossing locations.

School crossing guards are regulated to stop traffic movement under the authority of the Highway Traffic Act and play a vital role in keeping children safe.

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