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County of Brant council approves bid for hardtop surfacing

CouncilCounty of Brant council approves bid for hardtop surfacing

County of Brant council members unanimously approved a bid for the low volume road rehabilitation project at their Administration and Operations Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

The bid was submitted by Cornell Construction Ltd. with a proposed cost of $3,211,498.50 excluding HST. This was the lower cost of the two proposals received by the County of Brant prior to the deadline on March 30, 2023.

It was also approved that funding of $360,000 would be transferred from the Low Volume Road Rehab account to allow for costs associated with contract administration and staff time for the gravel to hardtop conversion projects. All project areas will be funded from the Capital Levy.

The goal of the two-part project is to convert the following roads from gravel to a hardtop surface made of tar-and-chip: East Quarter Townline Road from Tenth Concession to Eighth Concession, Elliot Road from Bishopsgate Road to Highway #24, Ninth Concession Road from Harley Road to Bishopsgate Road and McLean School Road starting 900 meters (9km) West of Hwy. #24 to Highway #24.

Maintenance will also be performed on another 20 roads throughout the County that already have the hardtop surface.

The project reduces unwanted dust and helps to more efficiently move both people and goods throughout the county. It will also cut down the amount of gravel needed to be mined and transported while eliminating annual grading and dust suppression liquid.

Councillor Christine Garneau asked how the roads set for maintenance are prioritized and Rob Walton, General Manager of Operations for the County of Brant, noted that it was based on determined issues flagged by road supervisors.

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