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City council votes to defer plan amendment for Hardy Road

City of BrantfordCity council votes to defer plan amendment for Hardy Road

Brantford City Council unanimously voted to defer an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment for 277 Hardy Road during their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The City received an application for an Official Plan amendment to change land use designation at 301 Hardy Road to a residential area, as well as a bylaw zoning amendment to rezone a portion of the lands for low-rise apartments and townhouses. The application also included a draft of a condominium that would consist of 131 single-dethatched lots and 37 townhouse units along with a private condominium road, pumping station and private amenity area.

Arthur Meens addressed Council to speak about the importance of keeping the Hardy Road area intact as to not disturb the history and the wildlife.

“I can say that the Hardy Road valley is second to none for being the most environmentally sensitive area on the river,” said Meens. “It is certainly the most environmentally sensitive area within the City of Brantford. The area has its own ecosystem, the heritage and the site is unique within southern Ontario.”

Meens continued, “This is a valley sitting close to the water table and its water flows directly into the Grand River,” he added. “The hydrologic hydrology in this area is amazing and is to be respected. The wetland area is a water filtration system that contains numerous freshwater streams. I also note that this area is one kilometer upstream from the intake for the City of Brantford, where you get your drinking water. Make no mistake the proposal by Sifton is only the first of many that will be presented to the city as developers slowly hack away at this valley.”

Resident Kailee Poisson also spoke about the area.

“A significant area of Davisville as mentioned previously by Professor Warwick at the committee meeting – this property is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of Indigenous history in all of North America, with some items dating back as far as 13,000 years – it needs to be protected at all costs,” said Poisson. “This development proposal addresses only developing on the vacant areas of the property. But what is not mentioned is that the only reason they are vegan is that they have already been disturbed. Through previous development and archaeological efforts. The significance of that space remains, the history remains and the unearth artifacts likely still remain.”

Later City Council worked back and forth discussing whether it is possible to pull back on the Ontario Municipal Boards’s ruling to approve development being done by Sifton Properties.

It was noted that it would not be wise to go back on the OMB’s ruling and that the principle of development has been established on this property, and that the application is strictly asking to have a mix of building types on the other two plots of land purchased in the area.

Councillor Brian Van Tilborg put forth a deferral for the application until the City can host a public meeting and discuss the new plans.

“There hasn’t been a public meeting since 2019, which I think is quite significant,” he said. “When you look at what the year is today, that’s a long time, and I don’t believe that everybody would be aware of what was being proposed, or any of the changes.”

Brantford City Council unanimously voted to defer

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