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Brantford Police to host public education session throughout May

Brantford Police ServiceBrantford Police to host public education session throughout May

The Brantford Police Service makes educating the public in safe driving practices a road safety priority. An essential part of our job is to save lives and reduce injuries on our roadways. Our ongoing enforcement initiatives focus on impaired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and speeding. These behaviours endanger drivers, passengers, all road users, and pedestrians at risk of serious or fatal injury collisions.

During the month of May, the BPS Traffic Unit has heard the community’s concerns regarding the noise pollution of excessively loud vehicles on roadways in residential areas.

BPS will be conducting enforcement and public education in regard to vehicles making unreasonable and unnecessary noise as well as an increased focus on improperly modified vehicles. Increased public education will be in effect in an effort to promote safe driving behaviours and ensure motorists are aware of the rules of the road.

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario indicates that a person having control of a vehicle shall not “make unreasonable noise, and a driver of any motor vehicle shall not permit any unreasonable amount of smoke to escape from their motor vehicle, nor shall such driver at any time cause the motor vehicle to make any unnecessary noise.”

A focus of this ongoing project is to reduce the number of motor vehicles with modified and/or excessively loud exhaust systems on the roads.

Vehicles will be subject to charges, including Improper Muffler and Unnecessary Noise, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA). The penalties under the HTA include fines of $110 upon conviction. Vehicles found to be unlawfully modified will be reported to the Insurance Bureau of Canada with the potential of a policy suspension.

We encourage vehicle owners to repair modified exhaust systems and avoid using devices such as factory-issued mechanisms to alter and increase their vehicles’ sound in quiet, residential areas.

Anyone with information concerning aggressive driving or illegal street racing activities can contact the Brantford Police Service by calling 519-756-7050. Information or driving complaints can also be reported by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

The local roadways are to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, please keep this in mind when operating a motor vehicle. The Brantford Police Service is committed to increase public compliance with safe driving in order to prevent collisions, save lives, and reduce injuries on our roads.

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