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Brantford Police conduct commercial motor vehicle inspections

Brantford Police ServiceBrantford Police conduct commercial motor vehicle inspections

The Brantford Police Service Traffic Unit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation and the Ontario Provincial Police, conducted commercial motor vehicle inspections in Brantford, April 20 and 21, 2022.  

As a result of this safety initiative, 62 commercial motor vehicles were inspected and the following infractions were found:

  • Vehicles pulled from service due to safety infractions:   25
  • Vehicles requiring maintenance:   10
  • Vehicles requiring annual inspection:   4
  • Vehicles requiring daily inspection:   6
  • Vehicles with improper cargo securement:   3
  • Vehicles with contraband investigations:   3
  • Vehicles with other infractions:    25

 The Brantford Police Service is committed to increasing public compliance with safe driving in order to prevent collisions, save lives, and reduce injuries on our roads.

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