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Brantford Police ServiceBrantford first responders hold emergency training exercise

Brantford Police Services, in collaboration with Brantford Fire, Brantford-Brant Paramedics, and representatives of the City of Brantford Emergency Management Program, conducted a full-scale emergency exercise on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

The exercise, which was held in an effort to enhance the preparedness and effectiveness of first responders, was designed to simulate a high-stress, real-life scenario of an active shooter situation.

These drills are a crucial part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of our community and the coordinated response of our first responders. By simulating challenging and high-pressure situations, we can assess and enhance our readiness to protect the lives and well-being of our citizens.

Police Chief Rob Davis emphasized the importance of such exercises in ensuring the readiness and interoperability of all first responder agencies in the city.

“The safety of our community and our ability to respond in a time of crisis is our top priority. Full-scale emergency exercises are an invaluable tool for training and preparing all of our first responders to react swiftly and effectively in high-stress situations. It is through these drills that we fine-tune our response strategies and ensure that our emergency personnel are fully equipped to handle any critical incident,” said Rob Davis, Police Chief for the Brantford Police Service (BPS).

The exercise, which involved a multi-agency response, tested the coordination and communication between Brantford’s emergency services. It provided an opportunity for participants to evaluate their actions, identify areas for improvement, and refine emergency response protocols.

The Brantford Police Service and its partners remain committed to continually improving emergency preparedness, and exercises like this one are instrumental in achieving that goal. The safety and well-being of our citizens are at the forefront of our efforts, and we will continue to work diligently to ensure that our first responders are ready to protect and serve in any emergency situation.

Our thanks to the students from Six Nations Polytechnic and Mohawk College who volunteered to participate as actors in this exercise.  

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