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Brantford family raises money to create accessible home for son with genetic disorder

Local NewsBrantford family raises money to create accessible home for son with genetic disorder

The family of a young Brantford boy with a rare genetic disorder is counting on the generosity of others to make his remaining years easier.

The once active boy is now almost fully reliant on a wheelchair. After his parents noticed a tremor in his hand when he was two-years-old, an MRI and other tests determined that Brodie Watson has Hypomyelinating Leukodystrophy type 4, a debilitating genetic disorder.

“He’s very rare, he’s a positive-negative for the gene, and they’ve never heard of that worldwide,” Brodie’s mother Michelle Watson said.

That rarity also means Brodie’s parents don’t have a lot of answers about what his future looks like. There are 50 different types of leukodystrophies and most children with the disorder die 10-20 years after being diagnosed.

Brodie is now but first started showing signs about seven years ago and has really deteriorated recently.

Michelle’s aunt started a GoFundMe page to help pay for renovations to Brodie’s home, so far, close to $20,000 has been donated. The family plans to redo their front entrance, add a wheelchair ramp, and an accessible bedroom and bathroom.

The family is hoping to have the renovations done by Christmas, knowing they’ll make Brodie’s life a lot easier.

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