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Wayne Gretzky Parkway Pedestrian Bridge installed

City of BrantfordWayne Gretzky Parkway Pedestrian Bridge installed

The installation of the Wayne Gretzky Parkway (WGP) Pedestrian Bridge was completed on January 15, 2023.

This major project is the result of meticulous planning, coordination, and execution, underscoring the City’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure.

One notable aspect of the project was the swift removal of the temporary trail detour, which consisted of steel ramps and concrete barriers on the WGP vehicle bridge. The detour was completely dismantled by January 16, restoring normal traffic flow and accessibility in the area.

“I want to express my sincere appreciation to the exceptional team involved in this milestone achievement,” said Jennifer Elliott, Director of Engineering for the City of Brantford. “Thanks to the team’s efforts, a major infrastructure asset in our city has been greatly enhanced while disruption to the community was minimized.”

As of January 18, a majority of the rehabilitation work on the bridge is completed. Remaining work includes, laying asphalt to the top lifts on the bridge approaches, which is scheduled to take place in the spring to ensure optimal temperature conditions. Both graffiti removal, as well as the deck waterproofing at two joints (where the bridge was split into three sections for off-site transportation) is expected to be finalized this week. Please note the pedestrian bridge will remain open throughout the final stages of the project.

“The successful rehabilitation and installation of the WGP Pedestrian Bridge not only enhances the City’s infrastructure but also demonstrates our dedication to providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions for residents and visitors alike.”

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