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City of BrantfordTH&B Crossing Bridge art project now complete

The City of Brantford announced that the TH&B Crossing Bridge Public Art Project has been completed on Friday, July 14, 2023.

All 112 interior panels of the Bridge have been graced with imagery painted by members of our community, and tell unique stories about our community. In effect, this important link in our local trails network has been dramatically revitalized. Completion of this project marks the first stage of revitalizing the bridge and will be followed by construction of a new wooden deck.

TH&B Crossing Bridge is a well utilized pedestrian and cyclist crossing point over the Grand River. The TH&B Crossing Bridge Public Art Project was unanimously endorsed by Brantford City Council and the City’s Cultural Advisory Committee as a way to help deter inappropriate graffiti and foster a sense of civic pride in this important landmark.

Following a call to individual artists, schools, community organizations, small groups, and others across the city, throughout October and November, 2022 over 100 participants painted submitted designs on just over half of the interior bridge panels. The second phase of the project was conducted by nearly 60 participants based on 29 selected unique designs (covering 1-3 panels), throughout May and June, 2023.

“The City extends our huge thanks to every participant who shared their ideas, skills, talent, and time to complete this unique and inspiring revitalization of TH&B Crossing Bridge,” said Gagan Batra, City of Brantford Manager of Business Support and Sustainability. “Every time someone walks or bikes across the bridge, they get to enjoy beautiful works of public art that tell the unique and diverse stories of our community. We are so grateful to all of the wonderful artists who contributed to the project.”

Construction of new bridge deck

In Fall 2021, an Environmental Assessment recommended that TH&B Crossing Bridge undergo minor rehabilitation to the bridge deck to extend its service life. Now that the painting of the interior bridge panels is complete, the bridge will be closed to complete the bridge deck rehabilitation, beginning Monday July 17, 2023. The bridge will remain closed for approximately eight to ten weeks while work is underway and will reopen once the work is completed in September.

During this time the Fordview parking lot and the Fordview-Gilkison Trails (Fordview Park to the Veterans Memorial Parkway) will also be closed to the public.

To learn more about the TH&B Crossing Bridge Public Art Project and participants who contributed or view photos of each painted panel, please visit: www.Brantford.ca/THBPublicArt.

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