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Six Nations athletes competing at North American Indigenous Games

Local NewsSix Nations athletes competing at North American Indigenous Games

Six Nations of the Grand River (SNGR) is very-well represented at the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), which began on Saturday, July 15 and run through Sunday, July 23, 2023.

A large contingent of local athletes, coaches and volunteers will take part in the tenth annual NAIG in a variety of the 16 sports within 21 venues across Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Dartmouth, Millbrook First Nation and Sipekne’katik.

SNGR is very proud to help support our young athletes, volunteers and coaches. This journey is more than just about winning medals. It is about participation, camaraderie, sportsmanship, connection, and so many life experiences.

NAIG 2023 will bring together more than 5,000 athletes, coaches and team staff from over 756 Indigenous Nations celebrating, sharing and reconnecting through sport and culture with the help of 3,000 volunteers.

“We can’t say enough about how proud we are of our local athletes.” said Chief Mark B. Hill. “To have this many participants in one of the largest Indigenous athletic events in the world says a lot about our community. It says a lot about how active our youth are. It shows how involved our community members are. And it also shows how much pride we have here on Six Nations of the Grand River. Good luck, and most of all, enjoy the experience.”

Athletes competing in the Games from Six Nations of the Grand River:

Breanna Stewart, Basketball female 19U

Deeland Martin, Lacrosse male 19U

Johnny Jacobs, Lacrosse male 19U

Jozey Jacobs, Lacrosse male 16U

Cara Skye, Softball female 16U

Tess Squire, Softball female 16U

Cohen Visheau, Lacrosse male 16U

Rhys Doolittle, Lacrosse male 16U

Kaleym Racette, Lacrosse male 19U

Tristan Garlow, Lacrosse M16U

Billy Yole, Wrestling male 19U

Karissa Williams, Archery female 19U

Nathan Hill, Baseball male 19U

Kaleb Thomas, Baseball male 19U

Korissa Davis, Basketball female 14U

Daelon Smith, Basketball male 19U

Rodderek Smith, Basketball male 14U

Noah Jeffrey, Basketball male 14U

Kaden Thomas, Basketball male 14U

Silas Anderson, Canoe/Kayak male 14U

Layla Johnson, Lacrosse female  19U

Rayleigh Kicknosway, Lacrosse female 19U

Melia Martin, Lacrosse female 19U

Kayden Hearn, Lacrosse male 19U

Tylan Hill, Lacrosse male 19U

Gunnar Davis, Lacrosse male 16U

Kagan General, Lacrosse male 16U

Harley Johns, Lacrosse male 16U

Grayson Skye, Lacrosse male 16U

Tyson General, Lacrosse male 16U

Kaidyn Lickers, Lacrosse male 16U

Logan Doxtator, Lacrosse male 16U

Jason Cayuga, Lacrosse male 16U

Karilee Martin, Softball female 16U

Ella-Sophia Kitchikake, Softball female 16U

Honee Anderson, Softball female 16U

Ryleen Davis, Softball female 16U

Jorja Bomberry, Softball female 16U

Abigail Fellinger, Swimming female 16U

Matilda Gordon, Swimming female 14U

Jack Gollan, Swimming male 14U

Teegan Jonathan, Lacrosse female 19U

Dalen Burning, Lacrosse male 19U

John Gignac, Baseball male 19U

Kianna Thompson, Lacrosse female 19U

Sofia Smith, Lacrosse female 19U

Tray Miller, Lacrosse male 19U

Layten Myers, Lacrosse male 19U

Lleyton Bomberry-Sowden, Lacrosse male 19U

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