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Schools to resume some sports and extracurricular activities

Grand Erie District School BoardSchools to resume some sports and extracurricular activities

In consultation with local public health units, Grand Erie District School Board is relaxing some of the restrictions put in place on sports and extracurricular activities as students returned to in-person learning earlier in January.

All COVID-19 precautions continue for any resuming activities, including self-screening, masking (where possible), distancing and hand hygiene.

Sports resuming

• Low-contact sports can resume (volleyball, badminton, curling, hockey, etc.) as intra-murals or team practices to begin Monday, February 7, and league games schedule resumes February 14.
• OPHEA guidelines must be followed for sports and other physical activities.
• For elementary athletics, basketball is being replaced by badminton, and more information will come soon from athletic association conveners.
Extracurricular activities resuming
• Clubs and student groups (yearbook club, photography club, student councils, etc.).
• Class choirs or bands can resume, where students are masked and in larger areas where distancing can be maintained.

Sports and activities still on pause

The Ministry of Education paused some activities specifically as schools moved back to in-person learning in January. We hope to hear more guidance soon from the Ministry on these specific activities that remain on pause:
• High-contact sports, specifically basketball and wrestling. As these sports resume, every effort will be made to extend the season.
• Woodwind bands (where students cannot be masked)
• Multi-cohort choirs

Grand Erie will share more information as further guidance is received.

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