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Province to provide support for Ukrainians

Local NewsProvince to provide support for Ukrainians

The Ontario government is launching a suite of supports for Ukrainian families arriving under the new emergency travel authorization, including a dedicated hotline (1-888-562-4769) and email address (ukrainianjobs@ontario.ca) to connect new arrivals with job search supports and local employers in the community.

“Our government will always embrace newcomers to the province, particularly at a time when we need more people to help fill in-demand jobs and especially the brave people fleeing the unjust war in Ukraine,” said Premier Doug Ford. “As families arrive from Ukraine, we’re making sure the resources and supports are in place to help them find meaningful employment while also keeping them safe and healthy.”

The suite of supports available to Ukrainian newcomers, including those arriving under the new federal travel authorization also includes:

  • Access to Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage which includes health care supports and services they may need, including mental health services.
  • Access to drug benefits for Ukrainians through OHIP eligibility or receiving emergency income assistance.
  • Access to emergency housing through settlement service agencies and Ukrainian community organizations, including host homes and other temporary settings that Ukrainians may need until long-term arrangements are made.
  • Ensuring Ukrainian elementary and secondary school students can attend publicly funded schools for free.
  • Trauma-informed counselling and culturally responsive supports to students and families as well as the promotion of intercultural understanding and awareness of Ukrainian stories and history, through a $449,000 provincial investment to Canadian-Ukrainian community organizations.
  • Support for persons who have been admitted to Canada on an emergency basis for humanitarian reasons studying at Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges and universities through a new provincial $1.9 million Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship.
  • Financial support of up to $28,000 through our province’s Second Career Program, for those who apply and are eligible, for basic living allowances, tuition, transportation, and other critical needs.

These measures will ensure that Ukrainian arrivals have access to good paying jobs and economic opportunities, while building on the government’s ongoing efforts to attract, support and protect newcomers. In addition, hundreds of Ontario businesses have offered Ukrainian arrivals employment and assistance.

“As minister responsible for immigration, my heart goes out to families fleeing this tragedy. Ontario is doing everything in our power to support the people of Ukraine. True to the Ontario spirit, our message to Ukrainians is simple: Ontario stands with you, and Ontario’s arms are open to you – the people of Ontario will take care of you,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development. “Ontario’s economy is set to boom. With over 338,000 good jobs waiting to be filled and hundreds of Ontario businesses who have stepped up with job offers, we are in a strong position to welcome Ukrainian newcomers and help them find good jobs when they are ready to work.”

The government is providing an increase of $900,000 over three years to the Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society to deliver targeted settlement services. The funding will help Ukrainian newcomers get settled, find housing and access services such as mental health supports, education for children, language instruction for adults, and employment and training supports. The province is also currently working to deliver thousands of urgently needed medical supplies and equipment, including defibrillators, syringes, and ICU supplies to Ukraine. We are working very closely with our international partners to make sure these supplies can help Ukrainians through this humanitarian crisis.

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