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Notice to voters within County of Brant regarding voter cards

County of BrantNotice to voters within County of Brant regarding voter cards

The County of Brant would like to notify local voters that one resident has reported receiving multiple voter cards for the upcoming municipal election.

The municipal election’s voter list is managed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). For each election, MPAC collects the names and addresses of local residents and business owners so they can vote in the upcoming municipal election and delivers the list to the County of Brant. MPAC will flag possible duplicates and errors for the County of Brant to verify. Unfortunately, this particular voter was not flagged for further investigation.

“The integrity of the election is of our utmost concern,” said Alysha Dyjach, Director of Council Services, Clerk, at the County of Brant. “The voter list is supplied by MPAC and we will continue to work with MPAC to ensure the quality of the voter list is correct.”

Due to quality issues in the past, The Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) lobbied the Government of Ontario to reassign the task of supplying voter information to municipalities. The Government of Ontario has recently reassigned the collection and management of the voter list to Elections Ontario for the 2026 municipal election.

“We have gone to great lengths to review the voters list and remove any duplicates,” said Dyjach. “We feel this is an isolated incident and want to take the opportunity to be transparent with voters. In the event you do not receive a voter card, please contact us. In the event you receive multiple voter cards, please contact us.”

When voting online, a voter must sign a declaration that they have not previously voted in the same election and acknowledge it is a crime to intentionally vote more than once.

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