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BusinessNew downtown Brantford exotic candy shop an instant hit

Candy Craze Pop and Ice Cream has only been open since late January 2024, yet has quickly become the go-to place for those in Brantford to satisfy their sugar cravings.

It has already racked up close to 360 five-star reviews on Google, a testament to its extensive exotic confectionary selection, fun shop atmosphere, and helpful customer service.

Jimmy Ayer, the manager, has been delighted with the shop’s overwhelming success.  

“People have been coming to our store non-stop since we opened. Actually, we weren’t expecting this kind of turn out. Two of the biggest reasons for our success is our pricing and large selection,” Ayer explained. “When people think of an exotic candy shop, they tend to think of it as being very pricey, but they are surprised to find it’s quite reasonable when they come here.  We try to make it as affordable as possible while providing something for everyone.”

The shop has made quite the impression on customers in Brantford along with visitors from Hamilton and Niagara as it boasts almost 360 five-star reviews. Photo courtesy Brian Trota.

Dawn Grout, who is considered the face of the enterprise, said that it simply made sense to open up a candy shop in the city.

“There was definitely a need for a shop like this in Brantford. Customers have loved coming here and seeing our selection; we have about nine or ten suppliers that we work with along with us going out and finding products,” Grout continued. “Customers also love the fun atmosphere, and finding new candies along with getting their favourites.”

When it comes to product selection, the shop offers candies, treats and sodas from across the globe including from countries in Europe, Asia and the United States as well as offering another unique treat.

“We make efforts to stock as much exotic products that we can including snacks, beverages, chocolates and candies. We also have been keen about offering our freeze-dried candy; we ordered a freeze-drying machine to make them in house and to the best of my knowledge nobody else has something like this in Brantford. This gives us a chance to produce freeze dried candy right here at the shop,” said Ayer. “We offer many different freeze-dried candies including Reese’s chocolate bar, Werther’s originals and Skittles in our clusters. Many people that we have given samples to, have never tried it before, and end up loving the product.”

The shop offers customers many different types of candies, sodas, cookies and other exotic treats from such countries as South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Photo courtesy Brian Trota.

However, Grout explained that one of the most popular products has been ramen noodles.

“The freeze-dried candy are very popular of course, but the ramen sells very quickly. People tend to love the many flavors we have; though there isn’t one particular favorite, people like trying out different ones; some like the exotic ones and others tend to like the regular favours,” Grout noted.

Candy Craze Pop and Ice Cream, which is located at 20 Clarence Street, continually draws both new and established customers with its varied and unique product selection.

“We are not only attracting people from Brantford, but also from Paris, Cambridge. Hamilton, Kitchener, London and Niagara. They come here because of they have seen us online or someone told them about us. And they are excited to see our selection [in person],” Ayer stated, “They have told us they like our products [which have been] imported including retro candies and chips, chocolate bars and sodas. We also get in a weekly stock of rare confectionery treats, and we are always trying to bring in new products, which is fun for customers to discover and try.”

Two of the most popular products at the shops have been the freeze-dried candies as well as a wide selection of ramen noodles. The freeze-dried candies have been a hit with the shop being the only one of its kind in Brantford to offer in-house freeze-dried creations. Photo courtesy Candy Craze Pop and Ice Cream.

As well, Ayer and his team continue to build a strong social media presence, along with providing an option to buy their treats online.

“We have a webshop, which is doing well. We also try to post information on Facebook and other social media [like Instagram], so that also gives us a bit of recognition for people who don’t know about us. And we also getting out there through word-of-mouth. Just the other day two customers came here and said they heard about us on the radio. So, the word is out,” said Ayer.

Recently, the shop opened up an ice cream shop which is proving to be an instant hit with customers.

“We just opened the ice cream side of the shop on the weekend of June 8. We are now offering soft service, sundaes, milkshakes, and dipped cones. For ice cream favors, it’s chocolate, vanilla and a swirl; we will be getting more favours in very soon. For crazy dip options they include chocolate, butterscotch, cherry and birthday cake,’ Ayer continued. “Customers have been loving our Curraro Sundae, it’s very popular and unique; we also have been using our freeze-dried candy as toppings. As well we have Slushies and Icebergs [which are Slushies with a topping of soft serve.] People have enjoyed having their ice cream along with getting favourite products in-store too.”

Candy Craze Pop and Ice Cream opened in late January 2024. Since then it has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response from customers because of its rich candy offerings and service with a smile. The shop also recently opened its ice cream shop in June 2024. Photo courtesy Brian Trota.

However, the overall reaction from customers has been something that Ayer has continued to savour.

“They are loving the shop and our selection; people keep on coming back to find new candies. I see so many smiles on people’s faces every day when they come in; it’s such a great feeling,” Ayer said. “The best part is helping people find what they are looking for. Sometimes, we get customers coming in and we don’t have the product that they are looking for [and of course] we try our best to go out and find it for them. They are so thankful and it’s something that we try do to make the experience a great one.”

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