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Little String Orchestra prepares for holiday performance

Arts and EntertainmentLittle String Orchestra prepares for holiday performance

The Little String Orchestra in Brantford will bring holiday classics to life during their annual Christmas concert on Thursday, December 8. 

Junior orchestra director, Gelja Will, said that this year’s performance will be a little bit different than in past years. 

“Like every year, we have both our junior and senior orchestras performing the usual Christmas carols, the annual favourites,” she said. “This year specifically, we have added three additional festive pieces, including Hanukkah Prayer, that I selected to be more inclusive. The orchestras will be playing those combines, which will be very fun.” 

The two orchestras welcome musicians from different skill levels, with roughly 45 members across both groups. 

“Quite a few of our members are in both orchestras, because they feel that both are appropriate for their skill level,” Will said. “Our youngest members are around 10, and our oldest is 83. We have a great mix of all ages, seniors, kids and adults, everybody playing together. We have such a nice community here.”

Members of The Little String Orchestra play violins, violas, cellos and bass. Will also mentioned that they do have percussion involved in some pieces in this show. 

“It’s so fun to do this show for our community,” she said. “It started just after the orchestra came together in 1977, and was originally a Christmas cookie night rather than an official concert. We started to open it to the public about 10 years ago and it’s been awesome.”

The director said that the show is all about giving people a chance to come together, something they are looking forward to after years of separation. 

“I really want everyone to feel welcome at this concert, whether you celebrate Christmas or not,” Will said. “By bringing those diverse pieces into the show, we hope everyone will join us to embrace the holiday spirit.”

The Little Strings Orchestra’s junior orchestra plays orchestral level grade one and two pieces, while the senior orchestra works on level three and four. Will said that those interested in joining the orchestra should have a teacher, be able to read music for their instrument, and have been playing for at least a year.

The concert will be held at Hellenic Community Centre and it starts at 6:30. It is open to the public and while tickets aren’t needed, there is a freewill donation at the and an area to donate items for the food bank.

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