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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the EditorLetter to the Editor

Resident expresses concern over controlled burn

I read your article about Brant County fire and recruits having a controlled burn on Rest Acres Road.

I am appalled and offended that this would be allowed to take place at the driest part of the year for grass fires.

I live in the city of Brantford and we are not allowed to have even a small campfire in our backyard at any time of the year. It does not matter if I have a garden hose near by or a way of putting out the fire if need be.

As citizens, we are treated as irresponsible children playing with matches.

And yet, the people in charge of training firefighters are allowed to play with fire at the driest part of the year .

What is that teaching teaching new recruits. These fire games could get get out of control very easily, and yet, that’s okay.

I cannot even roast a few marshmallows at any time of year.

Simply outrageous,

Kevin Potts

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