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Former Olympic Boxer within striking distance of heavyweight contention

Community ProfileFormer Olympic Boxer within striking distance of heavyweight contention

Although Ricardo Brown has only been a professional for a few short years, that isn’t stopping him from becoming a serious contender for a world heavyweight title. “I want to be a champion.” Says the 6’7” Brown, who also goes by the nickname Big 12, says,” I have to work hard [and] I hope to become a champion in the next three to four years.”

Dewith Frazer, who has been the primary coach and trainer for Brown and who has been an Olympian himself, notes. “He started fighting at 27…and had been a novice going up again more experienced fighters… [He has had] limited experience in international training [but] his progression has been good. I expect him to be in the top 20 [in the world] by next year.”

Ricardo Brown trains five times a week out of both Mississauga and Brantford. Photo courtesy United Boxing Promotions

Brown, who moved to Brantford with his family in 2020, was born and raised in Jamaica. “I used to be a chef and worked construction too. It wasn’t easy, but if you’ve been through it, you know what it’s all about. Living in the ghetto with violence and crime.” However, despite his circumstances, Brown continued to make a living while keeping in shape. “I used to run from home to work and from work to home. I was always running. I used to have a punching bag in my backyard where I just used to hit while thinking about becoming a fighter.”

After being discovered, Brown started training a little more intensely and in 2019, got his first taste of success when he represented Jamaica at the Pan-Am Games where he won bronze. “Yeah, that was a good experience…I won the first bout, but I lost the second one. It was a good experience because I was fighting some of the best fighters in the world.” Brown continues, “This experience also helped me qualify for the Olympics.”

Ricardo Brown represented Jamaica at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. He turned pro in 2021. Photo courtesy United Boxing Promotions.

In 2020, Brown was tapped to be the flag bearer for Jamacia at the Olympics in Tokyo. The experience was an arduous one at times. “Because of COVID, you have to get up early in the morning and do your testing…I had to go fighting without much warming up. It was sometimes stressful. But overall, it was an experience I will remember.”

Brown, who currently boasts a solid 8-0 record, originally settled in Scarborough when he came to Canada, however, eventually decided to move to Brantford with his wife and son. “I want to be somewhere safe. So that’s how we ended up here.” Brown continues, “I was here and going back to the gym…working out of [Mississauga] And then I have a next-door neighbor who eventually introduced me to Jackie [Armour]… I talked to my coach first [Dewith] because I wanted to train in Brantford two times a week.”

Ricardo Brown training with Jackie Armour in Brantford. Brown trains up to five times a week, also going to Mississauga to train with Dewith Frazier. Photo courtesy Jackie Armour.

To maintain his heavyweight championship aspirations, Brown trains hard; about 5 times a week. “I’m working with both Dewith [Frazer] and Jackie [Armour] so I have learned whenever I could from them. I’m so happy that I have [these] two coaches [and] my training camp is amazing right now.”

As Frazer, who runs the Dewith Frazer Boxing and Fitness in Mississauga, notes, “Everything is going really well in [Ricardo’s] progression…I am very happy how United Boxing Promotions has been helping him [but] some of his opponents aren’t keeping up with him. He’s a big heavyweight…and they aren’t as well-conditioned as he is.” Frazer continues, “He is also very adaptable in the ring, and he traps guys in the corners and [that’s where he] knocks them out.”

Ricardo Brown and his family moved into Brantford several years ago and counts Jackie Armour as one of his most important training coaches. Photo courtesy United Boxing Promotions.

Brown, who is set to fight in his ninth professional bout in September, looks to build on his momentum, says “I have a good record, but I need to keep at it so I can’t wait to get into the ring. I am putting in the hard work so that it will always be a good show.”

Armour, who continues to train Brown in Brantford at the Black-Eyed Boxing Club, notes. “I think Ricardo’s attitude is phenomenal. If he can get the right fights and if [he’s] managed properly, [he] could get in the top 10 in the world. Who knows, we could be looking at the next heavyweight champ of the world.” 

Ricardo Brown continues building a reputation as one of the most feared fighters in recent memory. Photo courtesy United Boxing Promotions.
Ricardo Brown at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics where he represented Jamaica with his coach/trainer Dewith Frazier. Photo courtesy Dewith Frazier.
Ricardo Brown used his chef skills at a recent BBQ event hosted by Black Eyed Boxing Club. Photo courtesy Jackie Armour.

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