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County of Brant unveils refreshed Economic Development Strategy

County of BrantCounty of Brant unveils refreshed Economic Development Strategy

In response to the transformed economic landscape and shifting dynamics following the COVID-19 pandemic, the County of Brant has developed a refreshed Economic Development Strategy aimed at leveraging past successes while adapting to the evolving business environment.

This new strategy, which was approved by County of Brant Council in May, is designed to bolster and broaden the local economy, providing a roadmap for economic development and tourism initiatives over the short, medium, and long term.

“Recognizing the need to adapt, we embarked on updating the Economic Development Strategy,” said Zach Gable, Director of Economic Development and Tourism. “The process included analyzing the current landscape through community consultation. This allowed us to gain insight into our strengths, challenges, opportunities and inspirations. With the goal being to ensure that the strategy reflects the needs and potential of our community, it paves the way for sustainable growth and development.”

Four key themes emerged from this process, forming the foundation of the new strategy:

  • being business friendly and investment ready
  • capitalizing on existing tourism, arts, and culture asset
  • future-proofing downtown areas to create vibrant, mixed-use community cores;
  • developing a diversified business community to ensure a resilient and sustainable economy

Under these themes and through stakeholder’s collaboration, 47 actionable economic development and tourism initiatives were developed that will guide Brant’s Economic Development staff and partners over the next four years.

“With 47 actionable initiatives in hand, the County is ready to advance its refreshed Economic Development Strategy,” said Gable. “Through these initiatives, our goal is to strengthen downtown cores, bolster infrastructure, and create new jobs and assessment growth. By prioritizing sustainability, innovation and collaboration, Brant aims to build a resilient and prosperous future for all.”

Further details and a comprehensive list of the initiatives can be found in the 2024-2027 Economic Development Strategy, visit www.brant.ca/InvestinBrant for more information.

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