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County of Brant to reduce speed on section of Hwy. 54

County of BrantCounty of Brant to reduce speed on section of Hwy. 54

The County of Brant will be reducing the speed limit on Highway 54 from 80 km/hr to 60 km/hr between Middleport and Onondaga beginning May 8, 2023.

Due to public requests for a speed limit reduction, the number of new business and residential driveways and the accident history in this area, County of Brant staff concluded that a speed reduction is warranted.

The County of Brant has been working diligently over the past several years to make the roads safer for motorists and implemented the Brant Safe Streets Program in 2019.

The Brant Safe Streets Program invites community input and action to help slow down the speed on local roads.

Help make roads safer:

• Request a Mobile Brant Safe Street System for a specific road in the County of Brant. The Roads Division will deploy a system for two (2) to four (4) weeks including portable electronic messaging signs, portable electronic speed radar and display signs, and portable non-electronic message boards with Brant Safe Streets messaging. Speed-spy devices prior to, during, and following the system deployment will gather helpful data. To make a request, visit www.brant.ca/BrantSafeStreets.

• After a Mobile Brant Safe Streets System has been deployed to a problem area, report back and tell us if you thought it was effective. To provide valuable feedback and influence how future traffic calming measures are implemented, visit www.brant.ca/BrantSafeStreets.

• Join the Pace Car program. The Pace Car program is a locally delivered, nation-wide program that focuses on speed reduction in the community, especially in school zones and pedestrian-dense areas. The Pace Car program seeks out community members to drive the posted speed limits, act as a role model to other drivers and display the Pace Car emblem on your car window. To join the Pace Car Program, visit www.brant.ca/BrantSafeStreets. Many Pace Cars work to calm traffic throughout a neighbourhood. The more people who participate, the better it works!

A national survey from Road Safety in Canada Report noted “…that while 47% of respondents agreed that speeding was a main cause of traffic collisions, 70% admitted to exceeding the speed limit sometimes, particularly on highways (81%). This suggests that there is a disconnect between how people perceive the risk of speeding behaviour and how they actually drive.”

Every motorist is responsible for safe driving and to help calm traffic. Take action!

  • Focus on the road and avoid distractions
  • Watch for animals, particularly at dawn and dusk. Go slow and scan the road for movement 
  • Obey the speed limit
  • Leave extra room ahead of you in case the vehicle in front suddenly stops
  • Yield to the right of way
  • Always check your blind spots
  • Drive sober
  • Be alert

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