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County of Brant to introduce new technology to improve traffic flow

County of BrantCounty of Brant to introduce new technology to improve traffic flow

The County of Brant, in collaboration with Brant Municipal Enterprises, will be introducing new smart technology to improve traffic flow starting July 3, 2023.

“As the County continues to grow and people continue to visit the area, we are looking for new ways to improve traffic flow in congested areas,” said Rob Walton, General Manager of Operations.  “Installing new technology at intersections throughout the County of Brant will help create efficiencies in real-time traffic optimizations and improve the commuters’ experience.”

The following three intersections will receive the new technology:

  • William Street at Grand River Street North
  • Cockshutt Road at County Road 18
  • Bishopsgate Road at King Street

The new technology will:

  • Adjust traffic lights on a real-time basis to improve traffic flow.
  • Collect data to improve strategic decision making and plan for future enhancements.
  • Consider all types of commuters including vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and other active modes of transportation.
  • Focus on safety. This technology enhances safety by interpreting traffic data, optimizing traffic flow, and reducing potential hazards on the road. With adaptive traffic signal control features, it adjusts to real-time road conditions, preventing accidents and unsafe situations. Overall, the technology plays a significant role in reducing accidents and facilitating safer, smoother traffic management.

The new smart technology will be the first of its kind in the County of Brant.  Other municipalities who currently use this technology include Cambridge, Milton and Kitchener and many others across North America.

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