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County of BrantCounty of Brant receives platinum certification

County of Brant achieved a Platinum Certification for the fifth consecutive year, a recognition awarded by the World Council on City Data (WCCD).

This year’s certification was presented to Mayor David Bailey and Council by Dr. Patricia McCarney, President and CEO of the WCCD, in a ceremony that highlighted Brant’s outstanding performance across various key performance indicators.

The ISO 37120 Platinum Certification distinguishes cities and communities worldwide that have a strong commitment to high-calibre data, supporting Brant’s efforts toward sustainability, economic resilience, infrastructure reliability, community well-being, and beyond. The data showcased by the WCCD includes:

  • Exceptional Canadian and global leadership on natural protection area and high air quality
  • Increasingly low unemployment rates and a highly educated population
  • Responsible energy and water consumption
  • A high quality of life demonstrated through a low crime rate and impressive opportunities for cultural event.

David Bailey, Mayor for the County of Brant, expressed his gratitude and pride in the County of Brant’s achievements.

“Earning this prestigious certification for the fifth year in a row underscores our collective efforts in setting and achieving high standards in various critical areas. It’s a clear indicator of our dedication to building a model community that others might look up to. A heartfelt thanks goes out to our staff and the citizens of Brant for their relentless dedication,” Bailey said.

Dr. Patricia McCarney also commended County of Brant for its exemplary leadership.

“The World Council on City Data is honored to recognize the County of Brant with the ISO 37120 Platinum Certification once again. Brant’s achievements across the board, from its environmental stewardship and economic resilience to its focus on health, safety, and engagement, are remarkable examples of what it means to lead in sustainable urban governance. With these five years of high caliber data, Brant can leverage this data continuity to support its strategic efforts and objectives under “Our Future Brant”. We look forward to our continued collaboration in future years,” added Dr. McCarney.

About the WCCD

The WCCD hosts a network of innovative cities committed to high quality, globally standardized and certified city data which is critical for driving innovation and more strategic and sustainable economic development. This data supports city leaders in establishing a baseline for building more resilient, smart, prosperous and inclusive futures for their cities and their nations.

Established in 2014, over the past 10 years, the WCCD has built the most comprehensive city data platform in the world and is now working in over forty countries and has certified over one hundred cities. The WCCD is the global leader in supporting cities to collect, report and use ISO standardized, third-party verified and comparable city data of the highest calibre. This vital data has applications ranging from investment attraction and economic development, innovation and business growth, strategic planning and progress monitoring, to internal and global benchmarking, to localization of global agendas, and, overall, developing smarter, more sustainable, resilient, prosperous and inclusive cities.

Working with professionals worldwide, the WCCD was instrumental in publishing the global first: now referred to as the ISO 37120 Series of Standards for City Indicators – the first set of key performance standards to support city data published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva. ISO 37120 – Sustainable Cities and Communities —Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life is the foundational document and the WCCD is now operationalizing two additional standards: ISO 37122 — Indicators for Smart Cities and ISO 37123 — Indicators for Resilient Cities across its rapidly growing global network. The WCCD is now working toward the release of a new standard – ISO 37125, the first ever standard for ESG metrics at the city level.

The WCCD has created the first ever certification system and hosts the Global Cities Registry® for ISO 37120, ISO 37122 and ISO 37123. Further building on this foundation, the WCCD establishes a global hub for creative learning partnerships across cities, international organizations, corporate partners, and academia to further innovation, envision alternative futures, and build better and more livable cities.

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