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County of Brant receives COVID-19 funding from Province

County of BrantCounty of Brant receives COVID-19 funding from Province

The County of Brant has received $788,143 from the Province of Ontario Ministry of Health to mitigate the COVID-19 related costs of the Brant-Brantford Paramedic Services for 2022 and the first quarter of 2023.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of additional expenses were incurred by the Paramedic Services. Their role was critical to our community and they served our community in extraordinary ways,” said David Bailey, Mayor for the County of Brant. “We are grateful that the Province of Ontario Ministry of Health recognized the need for additional financial support and provided it to the County of Brant. The Province was an excellent partner during very uncertain times.”

The emergency funding covers expenses related to personal protective equipment, equipment to support additional sterilization, additional staffing resources and sick time coverage for Paramedics who contracted the virus.

The Brant-Brantford Paramedics serve both the County of Brant and City of Brantford with a total population of approximately 140,000. In 2022, Paramedic Services experienced a growth in call volume of over 21.4%. Additional ambulances and staff were required on a daily basis to help with the surge. The additional funding helps to off-set the unexpected costs to the municipalities.

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