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County law enforcement officers to wear body cameras

County of BrantCounty law enforcement officers to wear body cameras

County of Brant uniformed Municipal Law Enforcement Officers will begin wearing body-worn cameras, beginning May 2, 2023.

The purpose of this initiative is to increase transparency, accountability and to enhance public trust.

“The County has six (6) cameras in service,” said Greg Bergeron, Manager of Enforcement and Regulatory Services. “We are excited to use this new technology. We view the cameras as an important and effective tool of legitimacy. The cameras will assist us in providing evidence for our investigative and oversight processes but more importantly, they will increase safety and accountability which will strengthen our relationship with the community. Investing in this technology makes a lot of sense as it provides an unbiased account of our interactions with the public and reinforces our commitment to a safe and healthy community.”

A body-worn camera is a forward-facing audio and video camera with supporting hardware worn by an Officer. The use of body-worn cameras by Officers have increased around the world and have cited benefits such as fewer complaints against officers, factual evidence of interactions and helpful footage to be used for future training opportunities. Body-worn cameras are intended to record specific incidents and are not used for general surveillance.

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