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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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County firefighters to hold controlled burn for new recruits

County of BrantCounty firefighters to hold controlled burn for new recruits

Thirty-one new fire recruits will have an excellent opportunity to practice fire suppression skills at the controlled burn taking place on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 982 Rest Acres Road, Paris.

“The owner of the property has allowed the County of Brant Fire Services team to complete a controlled burn of their existing building,” said Darren Watson, Acting Fire Chief for the County of Brant. “This will be an excellent opportunity for the new Fire recruits to practice a number of skills. Fire Safety Officers, as well as, a number of seasoned firefighters will be onsite to supervise and control the burn to ensure the safety of everyone involved.”

County of Brant residents rely on the quick action of over 195 firefighters when a crisis strikes. In addition to firefighting, the local Fire Services team respond to a number of emergencies including medical and rescue efforts. Training and practicing firefighting on a controlled burn is essential for becoming a skilled team member.

“We encourage you to avoid the area, if possible, Saturday morning as it will be smoky and a number of fire service vehicles will be on site,” added Watson.

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