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Brushes locked and palettes loaded for Brantford Art Battle

Arts and EntertainmentBrushes locked and palettes loaded for Brantford Art Battle

Just three months after the event returned to the city, local artists are preparing to compete in Art Battle Brantford on Saturday, February 25.

“With over 2,000 events in 20 countries, Art Battle is the premier global competition for live artists,” the organizers said. “Each event features 12 incredible artists who will go head-to-head in three rounds of live painting.”

During the competition, 12 artists are challenged to transform blank canvases into completed pieces for audience members to critique and judge at the conclusion of each round, winners move on to compete in different levels. The evening will challenge artists to three, 20 minute rounds and will crown one artist the winner of the evening. 

“With events in 50 cities around the world, hundreds of winners are chosen each year by local audiences, artist judges, and online audiences to advance into the next level,” they said. “From local events through 4 levels of National and International competition, artists have their chance to win all the way to the World Championships.”

While the event is designed as a competition, it was created in New York City in 2001 as a way to bring artists and their art together. 

“Art Battle was a response to the tension of competition and the frustration of gatekeeping – a way for artists to come together, bringing the competition to the surface, and allowing the people to decide their Champions,” they said. “The environment for artists in NYC at that time was one of stiff competition, and many had ambitions of becoming the next art star as exemplified by the likes of Warhol, Haring and Basquiat. At the same time, the gatekeepers of the art world held great power in determining who would be that next star.”

This year’s Art Battle Brantford includes artists Bryston Riches, Colin Tea, David Reeby, Barbie Hamilton and more. 

The competition begins at 6 p.m. on Saturday, February 25 and will continue until the winner is named. 

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