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Brant’s Crossing Bridge under construction

City of BrantfordBrant's Crossing Bridge under construction

Brant’s Crossing Bridge is currently undergoing renovations to safely reopen for public use in the next few weeks.

The pedestrian bridge has been closed to the public since the structure was damaged during the 2018 ice jam event.

Before the repairs could be initiated, a series of studies needed to be conducted including a comprehensive structural analysis.  Last year, the City initiated the Three Grand River Crossings Environmental Assessment (EA) to determine the extent of rehabilitative work required on three of the City’s bridges including Lorne Bridge, Brant’s Crossing Bridge, and the TH&B Crossing Bridge.

“The Three Grand River Crossings Environmental Assessment (EA) that began in 2020 provided the City with vital information about the work that is currently underway to safely reopen Brant’s Crossing Bridge for public use in mid-December,” said Gagan Batra, Senior Project Manager, Special Projects.

The study determined that Brant’s Crossing Bridge could be safely reopened for public use following work on the pedestrian walkway, the bearings on the bridge, and other steel works.

Following delays in obtaining the specialized materials to complete the repairs, work will be completed in the coming weeks with the bridge reopening expected to occur in December 2021. While repairs are being completed, access to the trails will not be impacted.

“We are very excited that repairs of the Brant’s Crossing Bridge are underway and that the pedestrian bridge will reopen soon. We know that the iconic structure has significant historical significance in Brantford, and that many community members depend on it as a safe way to cross the Grand River.” said Inderjit Hans, General Manager, Public Works Commission.

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