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Local NewsBrantford resident wins big with a spin from OLG

Kyle Boutilier of Brantford won $650,000 with THE BIGGER SPIN instant game.

The 40-year-old Brantford resident could not hide his excitement as he was preparing to spin the BIGGER SPIN wheel at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. Once the wheel landed on $650,000, his joy could not be contained.

The father of three chuckled as he recounted how he ended up purchasing the winning ticket. Boutilier said he was nearing the end of a stomach flu, when his mother asked him to run an errand for her. While he was not feeling well, he really couldn’t say ‘no’ to his mother, so he went to the store for her and ended up buying a BIGGER SPIN ticket for himself. 

“I scratched the ticket in the store and when I saw the wheel on customer display screen stop on ‘BIGGER SPIN’ I knew I had won a big prize, but I didn’t realize how much it would be or what excitement was in store for me,” said Boutilier.

His mother was the first family member to hear the good news.

“My mom was asking me what took me so long at the store,” said Boutilier. “But when I told her I won the lottery, her mood changed, and she was very excited for me.”

His children were just as happy. Prior to coming in for the BIGGER SPIN event, Boutilier had some sleepless nights. “The win had not truly sunk in until I saw the BIGGER SPIN wheel stop on $650,000!”   

Once Boutilier knew exactly what he won, he knew what he wanted to do with his windfall.

“The top of the list is putting a big down payment on a new house. Next is putting money aside for my children and finally I plan to buy a new Jeep,” he explained.

As Boutilier was leaving the OLG Prize Centre with his life changing windfall, he had one final thought, “I am so very thankful now that my mom forced me out of the house, as I was recovering from a stomach bug, to run those errands for her!”

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