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Brantford Power and Energy+ unveil new name and logo

BusinessBrantford Power and Energy+ unveil new name and logo

A new local electricity distribution company that will service more than 109,000 residential and business customers in Brantford, Cambridge, Brant County and North Dumfries will be known as GrandBridge Energy.

The new company branding was unveiled on Friday, March 25 by Brantford Power and Energy+, who will officially join together to form GrandBridge Energy in the second quarter of 2022.

The new company’s tagline, “Bridging the way to a connected future,” and corporate structure were also announced. GrandBridge Energy will be the seventh-largest municipally-owned electricity distributor in Ontario. The holding company for all businesses will be GrandBridge Corporation, and GrandBridge Group will be the name for the non-regulated companies.

“We are excited to share our new name and logo and are confident that it will resonate with our customers and communities,” said Energy+ President and CEO Ian Miles. “GrandBridge Energy is both a nod to the Grand River and our unwavering commitment to service excellence. It signifies the two-way connection between companies, communities and employees and imparts a sense of accessibility; that there is always an open pathway to reach out to connect.”

“The GrandBridge Energy name and logo represent optimism and new beginnings, while promising a lasting commitment to provide safe; reliable and innovative solutions that benefit our customers and communities,” said Paul Kwasnik, President and CEO of Brantford Power.

Benefits of Brantford Power and Energy+ merging to form GrandBridge Energy include:

• Stable and competitive distribution rates for 10 years following the merger;

• Continued presence in local communities for the long term, creating ongoing employment;

• Greater capacity to focus on future growth and advancements in technology;

• Enhanced opportunities for innovative service solutions for customers and local businesses;

• Strengthened customer response, with 24/7 control room capabilities across the entire service area;

• Increased efficiencies; less duplication of services;

• Diversified job opportunities and fair treatment of employees;

• A larger entity is capable of withstanding significant changes in the economy, and

• Increased shareholder value for the City of Brantford, City of Cambridge, and the Township of North Dumfries.

Brantford Power and Energy+ will start a brand awareness campaign to inform and educate their customers and communities on the new name, logo and what to expect moving forward, once the merger is completed in the second quarter of 2022.

To learn more about the merger of Brantford Power and Energy+, visit EnergizingOurFuture.ca

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