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City of BrantfordBrantford issues statement regarding potential sale of municipally-owned properties

Over the course of the last week, City Housing staff have been meeting in person with each household living in homes originally acquired as part of the City’s long-term Transportation Master Plan (TMP). These in-person meetings were conducted to ensure sensitivity, transparency, and support as the City makes the decision to market these properties over the next two to three years.

During these meetings with each household, City Housing staff provided detailed information about the tenants’ options, allowing ample opportunity for questions. Tenants were reassured that these communications do not constitute an eviction notice or lease termination, and their immediate housing situations remain unchanged. Rather, this marks the beginning of a supportive and ongoing dialogue as the homes are gradually put up for sale one or two at a time, over the next few years

Tenants interested in purchasing their rented homes have been given the first right to buy before these properties are listed on the market. At this time, only two properties that are vacant have been listed. As of today, it is the City’s understanding that 16 of the 23 households are exploring the option to purchase the property they are living in. For those tenants unable or uninterested in buying, the properties will eventually be sold, but sales will be staggered over time to allow tenants sufficient time to transition to alternative housing. 

Recognizing the potential concerns and uncertainties this news may bring, the City has assigned dedicated representatives to provide individualized, ongoing support to each household. Tenants have been provided with contact information for Housing Stability Workers, Housing Program Coordinators, and the Community Legal Clinic. These professionals are available to help tenants access various housing supports, including affordable market rent units, rent-geared-to-income (RGI) housing, and rent supplements.

The City understands the challenges posed by rising rents and the difficulty of finding affordable housing. While the City cannot control the decisions made by owners post-sale, we remain committed to prioritizing the well-being of our tenants throughout this process and are committed to offering as much support as possible during this transition to ensure individuals and families can find stable housing solutions.

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