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Local NewsBrantford couple still looking to recover stolen trailer one year later

A Brantford couple opened up to CHCH News about a crime that stole their plans for the future. It centres on the theft of a food trailer we first reported a year ago and the impact of the crime.

Bob and Glynis Pedley used the food trailer to cook burgers, hot dogs, fries and wings for local events and charity fundraisers.

Glynis said, “That was our life. That was a huge investment out of our pocket. That was what we had planned on doing.”

“It meant the world to me. I enjoyed doing it and I enjoyed talking to people, meeting different people. I had one woman coming from Toronto every week for wings,” Bob said.

But that came to end a year ago. “It was gone. Our food trailer was gone out of the driveway. A lady over there seen them. Said it was a guy and a girl.”

Nearly one year ago their $60,000 food trailer was stolen and caught on video in their neighbourhood.

They had planned to use it for their retirement. Instead, “it’s been hell. It’s been terrible.”

Part of the problem is they think there are people in the town who know who took their trailer. “I know one of my neighbours knows what’s going on.”

The trailer was spotted throughout the Brantford region the day it was stolen and over the year the Pedleys have been getting tips about it.

Bob thinks he knows one of the people involved. “I’m 95 per cent sure I see him every day at Tim Hortons here in Brantford.”

So far, there has been no sign of the trailer or the thieves. They have had emails from an investigating officer saying these investigations don’t move as quickly as you’d want them to and indicating the police have other priorities.

The police told CHCH News today that unfortunately, the food truck has not been located.

The Pedleys say they don’t know if the Brantford police are still investigating.

“At least let us know if they don’t have nothing, let us know. we don’t know where we stand,” Bob said.

“We’re just at a loss, at a total complete loss. I want to move out of this town. I don’t want to be here,” Glynis said.

They’ve offered a $5,000 reward but so far, no result. “Somebody knows where it is. If they know where it is please tell us. The reward still stands.”

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