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Brantford Council approves Development Approval Process Review

City of BrantfordBrantford Council approves Development Approval Process Review

Brantford City Council approved the final report of the Development Approval Process (DAP) Review on November 23, 2021.

The City of Brantford retained Performance Concepts and Dillon Consulting to conduct this review in Spring of 2021. The Brantford DAP review was financially supported by the Province’s Audit & Accountability Fund grant program. The Audit and Accountability Fund program requires the Performance Concepts and Dillon Consulting team to conduct an impartial and objective third-party review to identify efficiencies and performance improvement opportunities.

Brantford is poised to become a major growth site in the Golden Horseshoe. The growth challenge is multi-phased:

  • Infill growth within the existing built up area. The City’s DAP processing efforts for this growth will exceed the processing effort for comparable greenfield projects.
  • Greenfield Growth within the City’s traditional urban boundary.
  • New greenfield growth across the Brant boundary lands (North) and Tutela Heights.

Over the next three decades an estimated 29,000+ housing units will need to be approved across the planning, engineering and building departments. Roughly half of these units will be positioned within the existing built-up area (infill) and half will be positioned on greenfield sites.

The Development Approvals Process Review and Technology Modernization captures 37 recommendations that will ensure the City’s DAP process is efficient and customer friendly.

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