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Brantford Council approves $104 million Capital Budget

City of BrantfordBrantford Council approves $104 million Capital Budget

City of Brantford Council approved their 2023 Capital Budget during their regular council meeting on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Council approved the budget, which totals $104,772,042, and will be used to fund projects including roads, bridges, water and wastewater, and recreation.

The capital budget focuses on initiatives that have a direct impact on residents’ quality of life including, investing in recreation enhancements, as well as asset renewal to continue the work required to advance previously approved multi-year infrastructure projects.

Following is a series of significant capital projects that will be completed in 2023:

  1. Replacement of the signalized intersections at the corners of Erie Ave at Eagle Ave and Erie Ave. at Cayuga St.
  2. Valves to be installed on storm sewer outlets where needed throughout the city to provide flood protection by stopping back flow in storm sewers.
  3. Road upgrades to Dundas St. (Sydenham St. to West St.), Drummond St. (Chatham St. to Dalhousie St.), St. George St. (Tollgate Rd. to Queensway Dr.), Helen Ave. (Mount Pleasant St. to Harold Ave.) and Seventh Ave. (Lida St. to Whitehead St.).
  4. Stormwater upgrades to D’Aubigny Forest Storm Water Management Pond (SWMP), Braneida Industrial Park VII SWMP Channel Improvements, and Shallow Creek Park SWMP (part of Mohawk Lake Rehabilitation Improvements).
  5. A new Columbarium (a structure of recessed vaults for cremation interment) at Mount Hope Cemetery.
  6. Wayne Gretzky Parkway Pedestrian Bridge rehabilitation project.
  7. Jaycee Park Bridge replacement project.

Over $38 million of the City’s capital budget is dedicated to improving the City’s capacity to provide water and wastewater services including: implementation of a city-wide Advanced Water Metering Infrastructure project; upgrades to the Empey St. wastewater pumping station; recommissioning of the P5P6 drinking water supply pumping station; design of the trunk watermain to connect the Tutela Heights water distribution system to the City’s system; and implementation of a new elevated water storage facility to service the northern part of the city.

In 2023, the City’s Playground Replacement Program will see renovations to update a series of neighbourhood parks across the city with new modernized equipment, new paved paths, benches, signs and trees. Playground renovations under construction in 2023 include Silverbridge Park, Iroquois Park, and Devereux Park.

The approved shared social services capital budget will allow the City’s Housing and Homelessness Services Department to continue enhancing City and County owned housing facilities as follows:

  1. Installation of security cameras at City-owned townhouse properties.
  2. Exterior improvements to enhance energy efficiencies.
  3. New balcony doors at 170 Trillium Way.
  4. New windows and doors at 11 Park Ave., Burford (Sunrise Villa), 33 Main St., Paris. (Walkers Green), and 40-50 Willow St., Paris (Willow St.).
  5. Upgrading/replacing electrical panels, electrical services and wiring systems at 676 Grey Street (Daleview Gardens).
  6. Improving tenant and guest safety by re-asphalting parking lots and repairing perimeter concrete curbs at Northland Gardens (56-68 Memorial Dr., 332 North Park St.) and 33 Main St., Paris (Walkers Green).

Other projects in the capital budget include:

  1. A Parking Master Plan will be developed to provide a comprehensive review of the current parking inventory (both municipal lots and on street parking) and an evaluation of parking infrastructure to determine future needs based on estimated changes to modes of transportation.
  2. An electronic management system will be implemented to enable staff to access City records 24/7 from anywhere without the need to recall files from a traditional records centre.

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