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Local NewsBrant-Brantford paramedics donate ambulance to Nigerian hospital

Brant-Brantford Paramedic Services announced the donation of a fully equipped ambulance to the Institute of Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of Christ in Nkpor, Nigeria on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

The donation comes following a request from Dr. Mary de Porres Ilo, an Emergency physician at the Brantford General Hospital and a Catholic nun and missionary from Nigeria. Dr. Ilo reached out to Brant-Brantford Paramedic Services after learning that ambulances are auctioned off once decommissioned. She informed Paramedics Services staff that a modern hospital had been built in Nkpor, located in the eastern part of Nigeria, and was in need of a number of medical supplies including a medical ambulance.

“When Dr. Ilo reached out letting us know of the circumstances surrounding the newly built hospital in Nkpor, we immediately knew that we wanted to be involved and provide support,” said Russell King, Chief of Brant-Brantford Paramedic Services. “We knew that the donation of an ambulance would improve healthcare infrastructure for this community and give access to timely and life-saving medical assistance.”

King presented a report to the Paramedic Services Committee in early November requesting that the decommissioned 2015 ambulance be donated to the hospital in Nigeria. As part of the donation the vehicle will include most of the equipment, as well as other items including stretchers and splints, which have been donated by several suppliers. There are no additional costs associated with the donation.

“We would like to express our gratitude for this generous donation from the Brant-Brantford Paramedic Services team,” said Dr. Ilo. “This contribution will surely make a significant difference in the lives of those in need and will play a crucial role in strengthening the ability of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ to respond more effectively to diverse Emergencies in the rural areas of Nigeria where they serve.”

The keys to the ambulance were presented to Dr. Ilo following the Paramedic Services Committee meeting at County of Brant Council Chambers on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.

“We are honoured to be able to work with Dr. Ilo to see this come to fruition,” said King. “Having the ability to help people in another part of the world is such a rewarding experience.”

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