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ACS senior Lions remain undefeated

FootballACS senior Lions remain undefeated

The Assumption College School Lions improved their season record to 4-0 after defeating the McKinnon Park Secondary School Blue Devils 20-18 in varsity football action on Thursday, October 21.

It was a hard fought game at both ends of the field as the Blue Devils were on the hunt for their first win of the season against the red hot Lions. 

Blue Devils Rolo Henderson catches a pass against the Lions on Thursday, October 21.

The Lions got on the board with a successful first drive through the Blue Devils’ defensive line taking a 7-0 lead halfway through the first quarter. The Blue Devils offensive line struggled to get anything going during their first possession. After the Lions received the ball on a third down punt and ran it down the field, ACS quarterback attempted to make a passing play but was intercepted by the Blue Devils defence. With a minute left in the quarter, MPSS looked to tie it up. In the final play of the quarter, they got the ball past the goal line for a touchdown. The team went for a two-point conversion to take the lead but were unable to successfully complete it. At the end of the first quarter, the Lions led 7-6.

A touchdown pass for the Lions is blocked in the endzone on Thursday, October 21.

The Lions started the second quarter strong, catching and returning the Blue Devils’ kick all the way to the endzone. The touchdown was then overturned due to an offensive penalty on the play. Moments later, the Lions made up for their mistake with a touchdown run and successful one-point conversion to take a 14-6 lead. 

As time ticked by in the second quarter, storm clouds rolled in. With two and a half minutes left in the first half, referees called a weather delay due to lightning in the distance. An hour (and some stormy weather) later, the game resumed exactly where it left off. 

Before the half came to an end, the Lions extended their lead to with a touchdown and unsuccessful conversion.

McKinnon Park’s defence looked strong against the undefeated Lions offence on Thursday, October 21.

The score remained deadlocked at 20-6 in favour of the Lions for the entire third quarter. The Blue Devils picked off another Lions pass in the quarter. They got the ball within two yards of the endzone before the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the quarter.

McKinnon Park started off the fourth quarter with a touchdown, but once again failed on their conversion. Still leading by eight, the Lions received the kick and ran it all the way to the endzone. A flag on the play led to the touchdown being voided and the Lions were given a first-down at the spot of the penalty. The Lions could not extend their lead during their possession and the Blue Devils were fighting hard to make a fourth quarter comeback. As McKinnon Park worked their way down the field, the Lions took two major penalties, pass interference and unnecessary roughness, to get their opponents to the one yard line. The Blue Devils scored a big touchdown and went for a two-point conversion to tie the game. They could not complete the pass and the score remained at 20-18. 

Lions defenseman reach for an interception on Thursday, October 21.

For the third time in the game, the Lions were able to return the kick all the way to the endzone. But after confusion on the field following the play, the referees ruled that the ball carrier stepped out of bounds and the Lions were given a first-down near where he stepped out. With 38 seconds left, the Blue Devils intercepted a pass from the Lions quarterback. Two plays later, the Lions returned the favour by intercepting a pass from the Blue Devils. With only seconds left in the game, the Lions ran out the clock to secure their fourth straight win of the season.

Lions player Brody Rogers takes off down the field after picking off a Blue Devils pass on Thursday, October 21.

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