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An Intro into Mushroom Foraging

Start Date: March 15, 2024

From 19:00 to 21:00


Steel Wheel Brewery, 105 Powerline Road, Brantford, ON


Put on by Luke Eckstein, Experience Forager and Nerdy Biologist

We will discuss many aspects of how to safely eat from and appreciate the wild abundance around us. Whether you are keen to learn about nature, want to be more self-reliant or perhaps lack a green thumb, foraging is a fantastic window to explore our landscape and the wild community we share spaces with. Wild foods are very nutritious, and they can provide medicines, dyes, fibers and benefits in our lives.

We will discuss the benefits of foraging, how to do it safely and sustainably, parts of fungi, native and non native fungi, their identification, their seasons, how to protect fungi by knowing more about them, learn a few recipes and more! Join us to nurture your curiosity and feed your mind and body with greater knowledge of the mushroom kingdom.

All course fees include one beer
You must be 19+ to take our courses
A ll courses will be hosted by and held at Steel Wheel Brewery

Contact for more information

Email Address: Cindy@steelwheel.ca

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