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Bitters Workshop

Start Date: October 20, 2023

From 19:00 to 21:00


Manns Distillery, 581 West Street, Brantford, ON


Want to create your very own, personalized gifts?

This workshop is a 2-part class.

In our first class – you should expect to be here for 2 hours – each person creates their very own Bitters using our various Botanicals. We assist you in the selection and preparation of this, and then this needs to steep for 8 weeks.

In our second session, you return to strain / filter your bitters, create your very own personalized label, then bottle it.

We supply all the ingredients including high-proof alcohol and all your botanicals, bottles and labels.

Each person takes home 10 bottles of their own bitters.

We will be using our production area for this, so you will need non-slip shoes and clothes that may possibly get stained!

$100 + tax per person includes all material and packaging. Our next date is scheduled for October 20th (with a follow up in Mid-December).

Contact for more information

Email Address: info@mannsdistillery.com

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